English Name: Windshredder
Translated Name: Kazekiri
Japanese Name: カゼキリ
Nicknames: Kaze, Shredder
Total Body Parts: 22
Elemental Weaknesses: Earth
Elemental Resistances: Wind
Areas: Chapter 2:

Hunting with the Wind
Windshredder Hunt
A Sudden Gust of Wind

First West Appearance: Toukiden: Age of Demons
Last Japan Appearance: Toukiden
Windshredder is a lion-like Oni that appears in Toukiden: Age of Demons. It is know to inhabit the areas and it's know for his preying abilities.



Windshredder has a lion (or wolf) like appearance, he has 2 large horns on his head, and he has white hair with some lines of yellow hair on his head. His face is blue with red eyes. The Windshredder has big teeth which he uses to hunt his prey and to eat.

He's a quadrupedal demon and his fur is mostly golden with some marks around him, on each of his legs he has some kind of spiky object. Shredder has 3 claws on each foot.

One thing that stands out of this fierce lion is his club-like tail which he can use to stun enemies or beat them to death.


Being a hunter, Windshredder is hostile and can attack any kind of living being that threatens him or even touches him. In this case, other demons or living beings need to be very careful.

He likes to swipe his targets with his claws, launch himself at his prey, and attack with his club like tail to swipe the enemies that are in front of him. Due to him being agile, he can easily jump and land where he pleases, mostly landing on a prey to weaken them.


Kazekiri can roughly mean "wind cutter" or "the one who cuts wind" probably because of Kaze's tolerance to the wind element.