Item Name Chance
White snakeskin Very high
Short foot High
Item Name Chance
Haku sac Very high
Short foot Medium


Name Typ Age Quest
Ashikaga Yoshimasa DCT Honor Chapter Mission 3-13
Takasugi Shinsaku SPD Chaos Chapter Mission 4-5
Chapter Mission 5-16
Soga no Umako DCT Yore Chapter Mission 4-6
Phase Mission 5-7
Ashiya Doman DCT Grace Chapter Mission 4-7
Kano Eitoku SPT War Chapter Mission 5-5
Hojo Masako SPC Honor Chapter Mission 6-2
Chapter Mission 6-12
Sen no Rikyu HLG War Chapter Mission 6-8
Phase Mission 9-8
Tokugawa Yoshinobu DCT Chaos Chapter Mission 7-6
Phase Mission 10-3
Toshusai Sharaku SPT Peace Chapter Mission 7-13
Hiraga Gennai DCT Peace Phase Mission 3-1
Saigyo SPT Grace Phase Mission 10-2

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