Item Name Chance
Soul shredder Very high
Shattered horn Low
Petrified bone Low
Golden fur Very low
Item Name Chance
Black tiger pelt High
Mysterious claw (L) Medium
Golden fur Low
Soul shredder Very low


Name Typ Age Quest
O no Yasumaro DEF Grace Chapter Mission 2-2
Phase Mission 1-5
Phase Mission 1-6
Taira no Noritsune ATK Honor Chapter Mission 2-3
Phase Mission 2-4
Phase Mission 2-9
Ishikawa Goemon LCK War Chapter Mission 2-12
Chapter Mission 3-4
Phase Mission 3-11
Arai Hakuseki SPC Peace Chapter Mission 3-3
Chapter Mission 3-7
Chapter Mission 5-8
Chapter Mission 5-10
Phase Mission 3-1
Phase Mission 4-7
Go LCK Peace Phase Mission 9-13
Phase Mission 10-10

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